At the end of a successful 2015, when she captained the England Women’s team to third place in the World Cup, Steph was named in the New Year’s Honours list.

She tells us how she found out and how she felt to be honoured in the list and have those three letters after her name.

“Receiving an MBE is a huge honour. To be able to say that I have one; it’s something I never even dreamed would become a reality. I am so lucky and humbled to be able to receive such a prestigious award. Having those three letters after my name is a strange feeling but a big moment not only for me but also for my family.

“I didn’t find out about the award in a conventional way. Originally, you receive a letter telling you that you will be awarded an MBE, but my letter went to the wrong address. I was at home with my Mum, we were Christmas shopping, and suddenly Elliot, Manchester City’s press officer, was telling me that I had to accept the award within the next hour! I almost crashed my car, I couldn’t believe it!

“There’s no news yet of when I will receive it, although it should be within the next few months. It’s something that I can’t wait for. It’s not really about me. My family deserve the award more than anybody. Without all the time they’ve dedicated to my training when I was younger and the support I’ve received from them, following me around the country and going to Manchester City and England games, I wouldn’t be receiving the award in the first place. I think it will be a bigger day for them than it will be for me.”

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